FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — The killer serving life in prison for murdering NBA legend Michael Jordan’s father has seen his bid for a new trial postponed for months after a new state law forced off the judge weighing his request.

The Fayetteville Observer reports the law affects Daniel Andre Green, who with an accomplice killed James Jordan along a North Carolina road. His body was dumped in a South Carolina swamp.

The law stops retired judges who return to the bench to fill judicial gaps from taking lengthy cases unless they involve business disputes.

Retired Superior Court Judge Michael Beale said he had worked on the Jordan murder case for more than a year before he was removed in September.

Green’s attorney says someone tampered with the dead man’s shirt after his autopsy.

Originally posted by AP.  © AP Photo/Tim Boyle, File James Jordan, father of Chicago Bulls’ Michael Jordan is shown in a1993 file photo. 

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